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Oracle Testing Solutions specializes in performance and regression testing Oracle E-Business Suite and Fusion applications.

If you are like most companies using Oracle applications, you're facing an increase in application and infrastructure changes. No longer can you just upgrade a single application without affecting others. Your business applications are no longer an island, changes are no longer isolated to specific applications. It also includes 3rd party applications, Microsoft Office, browsers, data warehouses and desktop operating systems


Speed up deployment with a 95% reduction in testing time

Our testing solution eliminates the traditional bottlenecks in testing software applications.

Companies using our solution are seeing a dramatic decrease in the amount of time and resources it takes to complete a test cycle. Along with faster results, they are also seeing better results with more issues detected earlier.

Since 1994, the principals at Oracle Testing Solutions have been implementing and testing Oracle applications. We have worked with a variety of industries and have refined our test methodology to give outstanding results each time.


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